Outreach and dissemination

On this page you can find all the activities related to dissemination.


  • Foivos Charalampakos (AUEB-RC) visited the CENTAI institute in Turin, Italy and had the opportunity to talk with CENTAI researchers on aspects that touch upon explainability and trustworthy AI, such as discussed aspects of explainable AI with Graph Neural Network models and other possibilities for collaboration on March 2023.
  • Iordanis Koutsopoulos (AUEB-RC) visited the Intel Labs Huawei Research Labs in Munich and give an invited talk about the problems of Explainable AI and Federated Learning on October 2023.
  • Chris Talbot (ULEIC) and Iordanis Koutsopoulos (AUEB-RC) visited Therapanacea premises in Paris and met with Nikos Parayios, Alexis Bombezin-Domino, Maddalena Balia and other scientists of THERA in order to discuss the PRE-ACT project, with particular emphasis on the actions on dosiomics/radiomics and THERA’s prime contributions in PRE-ACT on January 2024.
  • Iordanis Koutsopoulos (AUEB-RC) visited the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Northeastern University in Boston, USA, and the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things and gave a presentation entitled "Online learning for network resource allocation problems".

Talks and presentations

  • Iordanis Koutsopoulos (AUEB-RC) gave an invited talk entitled “Learning and Artificial Intelligence approaches in health” in the 2nd Extended Core meeting of the EUCardioRNA COST action
  • Francesca Fracassso gave a presentation of the PRE-ACT project at the Nursing programma of University of Perugia
  • Chris Talbot (ULEIC) gave (remotely) a presentation with title “The PRE-ACT Project” at the Adiogenomics Consortium annual meeting on October 2023.
  • Chris Talbot (ULEIC) gave (remotely) a presentation with title “The PRE-ACT Project” at research centre for Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Modelling (AIDAM) at ULEIC
  • ULEIC made a presentation of the PRE-ACT project at the 18th St. Gallen Breast Cancer conference at Austria on March 2023
  • Chris Talbot, Adam Webb and Harkeran Jandu (ULEIC) gave a presentation to introduce the PRE-ACT project at the radiotherapy symposium ‘Wisdom from the West' at the University of Manchester on April 2023.
  • Alberto Traverso (MAASTRO) made a presentation of the PRE-ACT project at Connect2Win on November 2023
  • Chris Talbot (ULEIC) gave a presentation with title “Radiotheragnostics: predicting radiotherapy side effects to optimise treatment” at the 60th Oncology Congress of Serbia on December 2023.
  • Sofia Rivera (UNICANCER) presented the PRE-ACT project at the the Health &Tech Summit at the Campus Parisanté on December 2023
  • Tim Rattay (ULEIC) and Guido Bologna (HES-SO) gave a presentation with title "Horizon Europe: Prediction of radiotherapy side effects using explainable AI", the Applied Machine Learning Days at Lausanne on March 2024.
  • Sofia Rivera (UNICANCER) presented the PRE-ACT project at the Biennale Monegasque de cancérologie meeting on January 2024
  • Tim Rattay and Adam Webb (ULEIC) presented a flash talk in the "Future Leaders Session" at the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Data-driven Cancer Research Conference in Manchester on February 2024.
  • Tim Rattay gave a presentation on PRE-ACT project at the European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-14) on March 2024.
  • Chris Talbot (ULEIC) reports on progress in PRE-ACT to the bimonthly meetings of the Radiogenomics Consortium (RGC) steering group, which he co-chairs.

Interviews and press coverage

  • Tim Rattay's (ULEIC) presentation at EBCC-14 in Milan was covered with 466 stories in European media, such as Daily Mail, Halesowen & Dudley News and Physics - The Guardian, reaching an estimated audience of 9.4 million people and causing a considerable number of impressions of almost 400 million with more than 1 million of them being in the popular online site MSN. In the following, we cite a small fraction of this significant coverage in the newspapers. Title: AI tool that predicts side-effect risk in breast cancer patients to be trialled.
  • Tim Rattay (ULEIC) gave an interview to the press, highlighting the challenges and opportunities raised by the PRE-ACT project:
    • Ecancer.org - which supports oncology professionals through education. (potential viewership: over 70,000 unique visitors per month from 196 countries)