Prediction of radiotherapy side effects using explainable AI

In the next 5 years, the PRE-ACT consortium is going to predict the risk of radiotherapy side effects, including arm lymphedema in breast cancer patients by using explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI).


To tackle this problem, the PRE-ACT consortium combines the multi-faceted expertise in computing, AI, radiation oncology, medical physics, genetics, psychology and health economics. The clinical impact will be investigated in an interventional clinical randomized controlled phase III trial to support important treatment decisions regarding the loco-regional irradiation of breast drainage lymph that lie close to the nerves, lymphatic and blood vessels going into the arm. The outcomes of the project will advance an array of fields such as AI applications to medicine, personalized radiotherapy, identification of risk factors and biomarkers and new clinical trial designs for AI prediction.

Horizon Europe

PRE-ACT is an EU funded Horizon Europe project developing an explainable Artificial Intelligence prediction model for radiotherapy-induced breast cancer side effects.

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