Communication about the prediction model

Monday, 29 January 2024

Understanding how a prediction model for side effects should be communicated to breast cancer patients is an important step in the PRE-ACT development process

The PRE-ACT project aims to design and develop an AI predictive model and a communication package to predict radiotherapy side effects in breast cancer. This will result in the PRE-ACT patient’s decision aids, which is a valuable tool able to serve both cancer patients and clinicians in the shared decision process towards a radiotherapy treatment pathway. 

Both qualitative and quantitative methodologies are being adopted to engage the PRE-ACT stakeholders and to discern their requirements. This multifaceted approach encompasses successive phases of inquiry. An iterative methodology has been formulated to ascertain user requirements essential for designing and developing the PRE-ACT tool. Focus groups and interviews involving former patients and radiation oncologists have been conducted to solicit feedback from potential users of the PRE-ACT tool, with participants recruited from the UK, Netherlands, and France.

The following figure shows a summarization of the PRE-ACT co-design framework.